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    William Gibbs

    I have synced with google but my schedule always appears an hour earlier than my actual in time how do i fix this

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    Daniel Wilcox

    The preferences tab for Google calendar integration has seemingly disappeared in the most recent update. Come on HotSchedules, you can do better.

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    Kate Anderson

    Bring back the calendar sync!  Where has this option gone?

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    Was the issue that William reported above ever resolved?  I also have the same issue where my schedule shows up in my linked google calendar an hour prior to my actual scheduled time.  I have confirmed the time zone in my google calendar to be in Central time zone where i reside.

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    Kody Hurst

    Good Afternoon John,


    Thank you for contacting Customer Care! I was able to find your account by searching your email address. I was able to determine the site for the Chili's in Fort Walton Beach was set to the eastern time zone rather than the central time zone. 

    I verified that the site should be in central and made the change. Please check your google calendar to see if this updated your times to the correct time. If it does not please unsync and resync your HotSchedules account to your google calendar. 




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    Thanks so much Kody, that seemed to do the trick

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    Saphia Swan

    Whenever I try to link my google calendar I hit ok then it doesn't do anything?

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    Natalie Cervantes

    This option is no longer listed?! I used this feature heavily, is this something that's being taken out or has it just not been fixed in recent updates?

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    Brian Peterson (Edited )

    Saphia, read the "Note" section: If you are not redirected to Google to confirm this process, you may need to check your pop up blocker settings.

    That fixed the issue for me.

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    Micah Knoll

    Hallo! Has this feature been removed? or is it being restricted by my admin?

    > I am using Chrome browser on a Mac all w/ current updates.

    > Login>Settings>Personal  looks nothing like the support article and has no button to link calendar. 

    Please advise. Thanks! I work two jobs and go to school so this feature is critical.

    https://cl.ly/578c76bd4f7f  <-- cloudapp screen cap

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