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HS: Messaging Tab Overview for Managers (Video)



  • David Do

    It appears an explanation of the "Use Quick Reply" setting is also not covered in the video provided but is shown at 2:11 on the timeline. Exhaustive searches on the WalkMe powered support pop up, HotSchedules University, Google, after scanning results from the first 3 pages of result on HotSchedules Knowledge base, I have been unable to find more information on the Use Quick Reply setting

    I promise I tried...

  • Hi David Do

    We currently have our team looking into this and will get back to you shortly with an update!

    In the meantime, if you have any questions please let us know!



  • David Do

    In the meantime could you more simply tell me what the setting for "Quick Reply" does or enables?

  • Chris Sundgren

    Hi David, 

    I appreciate your Google search on Quick Reply and HotSchedules :). 

    In the image below, Chaz has Quick Reply turned on. When he clicks on the actual message (red outline under All Messages), you notice now there's a quick reply editor where he can send a response back to the sender with a basic text edit pane.

    In this image, Barry does not have Quick Reply turned on so when he clicks the message to read the content, he has to then click the Reply button if he wants to respond to the message which will open a text edit modal so he can compose his response. 

    Given Barry Allen is the Flash, you would think he would want a faster way to respond to a message and thus, turn on Quick Reply in his message settings. 

    Hopefully this all makes perfect sense to you now.

  • David Do

    @Christopher Sundgren Thank you soooo much for answering my question. After an exhaustive search and effort to figure out what that option did, and after waiting over a year, I finally have an answer. And to think, all this time I didn't realize, I didn't even type out my question and relied on it being stated in the screenshots, how foolish of me. I only have myself to blame for the wait. I can't help but laugh at the irony of how long it took to get a reply for my inquiry on quick reply. 🤣

    But yes, this makes sense now, thank you Mr. Sundgren. Although it's odd that I wouldn't have realized this myself as I always had the setting enabled and I don't seem to recall ever having that option and any received messages would appear similar to the video above at 1:07 where it is the same as someone who did not have the box check marked or setting enabled

    Admittedly I could be mistaken for thinking I never had the ability in trying to justify why I couldn't figure it out for myself as I can only recall inserting replies above editable text and never in a box above whatever the employee had written, such as in your screenshot. But then again, I was more often sending messages then replying and it's fair to think it's easier to remember having to hit reply before writing than it is to remember the luxury of having only to hit send.

    One last thing: Does this setting have any effect on the mobile app version of HotSchedules? (I mostly sent message through PC but was wondering for clarification)


  • Chris Sundgren

    Hi David and good morning!

    I did not notice the date of your original ticket so yes, the irony of a quick reply here isn't lost. That feature only applies to the desk top application. When tapping on a message on the mobile app (I have an iPhone), you still need to tap the reply arrow to open the message for a reply. I suppose here, the quickness of the reply now falls squarely on your two thumbs.


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