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    David Do

    "...users have the ability to filter messages that have both been sent and received. "

    Apparently not. I just spent a solid 10-15 minutes adding a custom filter to a number of Sent messages made to the staff so that I could more easily view them and reference back to announcements that were made but when clicking on the custom filter, it says no messages found.

    I then discovered that if I apply the message to one that is found under "All Messages" then clicking on the custom filter will show those messages that have been tagged.

    To be clear, all the messages in my Sent folder show the filter tag that I have made, but when attempting to view them under Custom FIlters, they cannot be found.


    As some other side notes/suggestions:

    1. Additional default filters for System Messages equivalent to sub-filters (or sub-categories) such as:

    • Under Schedule add filters for: Schedule Postings/Modifications/Changes, Shift Swaps (Approvals/Denials), Time Off Approvals/Denials
    • Under Tasks add filters for: Reminders, Past Due, etc.
    • Add a default filter for the Sent messages which exclude system generated messages that were sent on the user's behalf (i.e. accepting shift swaps,

    2. Add more functionality to the filter feature:

    • Filter by messages sent/received from a particular job code or location
    • Filter by messages sent/received from a particular person or from a selected list of people similar to the list provided when sending a message
    • Add the ability to apply custom filters to Sent Messages

    3. Update this article to remove punctuality mistakes and update incorrectly reported features (or address them ideally):

    • "Filters that you have already been created will show under..."

    While additional suggestions exist pertaining to messages in general, I would take time to visit the community and post there but all prior suggestions went unacknowledged so it seems frivolous to continue making recommendations to improve a product when no one will at least tell you why it's not considered or that it's even read for that matter, but hopefully this comment will not go unnoticed. Thank you!

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