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Release Notes: Adaco 4_6_110



  • Nicola Shelbourn

    Good morning, 

    With the new Recipe Ingredient Label Report

    Is there any functionality to automatically add allergens and ingredients into the label?  The users are giving all information during the recipes creation process. Following the above instructions they are re-typing all info into the new box?  Could it be pulled from the recipe instead? 

    @Michal Dec

  • Assen Kapitanov

    Hi Nicola,

    The short answer is No.

    As Phase 1 implementation we aimed to provide our customers with the means to write up, format and style their labels. Giving them the option to print the labels as well.

    For Phase 2 after we get some feedback, we were thinking of implementing auto-generation for a draft of the label based on ingredients at which point we could also include their allergens. The users will still have to review the generated text, as allergens are a delicate subject.


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