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WFM - benefit allowance


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  • Brenden Goodwin


    Thank you for your post.

    Within a job title, you can set up holiday year increments.

    These should be used if employees under this job title should receive additional holidays after being with the Company for a certain number of years.

    I have found this help article to be quite useful with configuring these - WFM UK: UI Refresh HR: Creating a Job Title

    Another option would be to carry over the holidays each year.

    This can be done through the employee batch update page, however would need to be actioned each year that the additional holidays need to be carried over.

    The help article below details this process.

    WFM UK: UI Refresh HR: Carrying Over Holidays

    Finally, if desired the holiday calculation can also be overridden.

    This can be done for all employment types and can be done through batch updates as well.

    WFM UK: UI Refresh HR: Overriding Holidays for Flexible Employees

    All the best,

    Brenden Goodwin | Tier 1 WFM Support Specialist


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