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Turning Items inactive in mass



  • Hollie McCabe

    HI Rose Puett,

    Thank you for your question!

    There is a way to bulk deactivate products which is explained in this article - Adaco: Bulk Deactivating Unused Products. The deactivation function is based on unused products and cannot target certain categories or brands.

    Fourth could offer a bespoke data exercise if you have a specific request, please reach out to your CSM to discuss this further.

  • Richard Felsher

    What will happen to a recipe if the deactivate at CP and all locations criteria is selected? Will it still show but be inactive? If the product disappears, how will we know what to add back in? Also looks like you would have to go into every facility and do each one because it states that if it is done at CP with selecting all facilities, it only deactivates at the cp and not all the facilities.

  • Rose Puett


    We need more specific things turned off than unused.  Using the Bulk deactivation tool turns off everything in a timeframe right ? We need to turn off certain brands, that have been used by shouldn't be. 

    We also need to make sure recipes and inventory has turned over before deactivation.

  • Hollie McCabe

    Hi Richard Felsher,

    If the product is deactivated and included in a recipe, the product will still show within the recipe, it will just have a re-cost error similar to below. Products in recipes will only be deactivated if the 'Deactivate Products Used in Recipes' option is selected.
    Products will only be deactivated in the CP if they are deactivated in all properties beneath the CP so you would not need to go to all facilities to do this.

  • Hollie McCabe

    Hi Rose Puett,

    As previously mentioned, the additional functionality to be able to target specific categories, brands etc should be raised as an idea Ideas: Adaco | Inventory | Hotels. In the meantime, we could look into doing this as custom data work so please contact your CSM if you would like to look into this further.

    Only products which do not have a current Inventory balance and are not included in a Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order or Receiving since the date set in the Products Not Used Since section will be deactivated. For this to not impact active recipes, do not enable the Deactivate Products Used in Recipes option.


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