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  • Brenden Goodwin

    Hi Caroline,

    I hope you are well. 

    Unfortunately, this functionality does not currently exist on our system, however, I believe this would be a great idea to raise on our ideas page!

    Ideas on this page can be voted for future development by other users, including yourself. Please see the link below to create your idea.

    Submit your idea

    The closest report I could find in the system currently is the Monthly Wage Cost Analysis report.

    This can be found through the below path:

    Rotas > Reports > Monthly Wage Cost Analysis

    This can be filtered by locations and divisions and can be broken down into a weekly or daily view. 

    This data can also be exported to Excel if required. 

    I hope this helps!

    All the best,


  • Caroline Bethell

    Thanks! Beverley Mercer Beverley Mercer please see the above - hope it helps.


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