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iPhone Calendar duplicate events



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    George Pierce

    Hello Haylie and Mandy,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well. I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue. This issue has come up before from other iOS users using other types of calendars. Unfortunately the testing we've done does not give us any errors, nor are we able to reproduce the issue. We did do some additional research and found that some users experiencing this issue also had an Outlook, Google, or other calendar syncing to and from the iOS calendar. As such, one possible troubleshooting step you can try is making sure you do not have the Google Calendar sync turned on in your personal settings on the website if you also sync to iCalendar.

    Another possible reason may have to do with iCloud back up--we found several articles via a third party source (Google) regarding duplicated cal events for iOS. Here is a discussion of this issue:

    Unfortunately I don't know much regarding the intended functionality of iOS calendar and can only troubleshoot our software, and so far we found that the issue is not within the application itself. If you have issues with the shifts duplicating on Google calendar, we would be able to further troubleshoot this. Since your iOS calendar application syncs up with your Google calendar, you will need to try the following article above or contact apple support for additional assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if you have any other questions.



    Check out another solution posted by Cherize Jones: 

  • Haylie Wilson

    Hi, I’m having the same issue. If it was fixed, how did you get it resolved? It’s necessary and frustrating

  • Mandy Grace

    I'm having this issue as well with the latest version (4.74.0)
    Do you foresee any fixes? I'm going into each event and deleting each one while turning off my calendar sync via apple settings so it doesn't duplicate each time I open the app. It's a pain but I'm not really left with a choice. My concern however is that my schedule changes and I don't see the update because I'm avoiding the glitch.

  • Christina Ferreira

    Has any update been made with this issue? I currently have 20 duplicate events for EACH SHIFT. That means on any given day that I work a double, I have 40 events posted for my 2 shifts. This is extremely inconvenient as I cannot possibly delete them all every day. I find it hard to believe that this is a google calendar or iOS problem when none of my other events have been duplicated - it is only specific to HotSchedules. I have unsynced, turn off notifications, and turned my phone on and off. Any other information on how to keep HotSchedules from monopolizing my calender would be greatly appreciated.

  • Eldon Sproule

    The issue i was having is that my hotschedules account was sort of stuck half way from the old platform (Green) to the updated hot schedules(blue). Once they re didnthe update i stopped having this problem.

  • Lisa DeKort

    Hotschedules is still posting duplicate shifts into my mobile calendar. I have read the linked article in the apple community and followed the suggestions but problem still occurs. Has there been any updates on this in the past year?

  • Cherize Jones

    So like George mentioned above, I have multiple email addresses using the Iphone Calendar. Outlook, gmail, and Icloud. Once I removed Outlook from my calendar, the duplicate shifts went away and It looked normal again.

    So open the Calendar app on your iphone.

    At the bottom of the app, it says “Today • Calendar • Inbox”.

    Click on Calendar; scroll down to Outlook and under it you’ll see “Birthday’s • Calendar • US Holiday’s”

    uncheck the Calendar button under Outlook.

    Your Hotschedules’ schedule should no longer be duplicated. This worked for me so I hope it works for you all.

  • Thanks for sharing Cherize Jones!

    Fourth Communities Team

  • erem clancy h.

    have been using hotschedules for almost 2 years now because of my job, and i've been having this same issue with mine the entire time. my ical can only access my icloud, yet it is still duplicating itself every time i open the hotschedules app.

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi erem clancy h.

    This sounds quite frustrating! We see that Cherize Jones posted some helpful guidance here in this thread, as well as the pinned response from George Pierce (scroll up to see what they wrote). Our suggestion is to follow that guidance and if you're still having issues after that, raise a request with our support team.

    With best wishes for 2023,

    Fourth Communities Team

  • Jeremy Brooks

    Hey Fourth Team,

    This is still an ongoing issue. It seems your app is not looking to see if the schedule is already linked/posted and is pushing the data through with every. single. sign in.

    This is especially frustrating for managers like myself who have to log in repeatedly throughout the day to approve time off requests, approve shift swaps, etc.

    It’s honestly made me regret ever using your software package, as I’m spending twice the time going back through my calendars to remove repeated posts. It absolutely kills the time saved using your product.

  • Chris Sundgren

    Hi Jeremy, 

    I'm sorry this has been an issue for you. We're actively working on a fix that should resolve these duplicate syncs with your device's calendar. This should be resolved mid to late August. You will just need to upgrade to the most recent release of HotSchedules on your iOS.



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