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Par levels Adaco



  • Pritesh Patel

    Hi The Beaumont Hotel Mayfair

    Thank you for your question, 

    Adaco does have the functionality to add par levels to items via Inventory > Maintain Guides, however unfortunately, there is no current functionality within Adaco which would then send an email/notification out to a user to alert them that the par level has been met and an order needs to be placed, 

    If this is functionality that you wish to see in Adaco, we would recommend posting this as an Idea on our Ideas Portal, which will then allow other customers to vote on your idea and in turn will be reviewed by our Product Team to see if it is functionality we can add to our Product Roadmap,

    Hope this helps, 




  • Adam Dattis

    Hi The Beaumont Hotel Mayfair + Simon Nathan.

    As a follow up to this query We recommend you set the Reorder/Minimum value by ticking the Below Min. Value as noted in this article: (Adaco Purchase Reorder Report) then this should give you the result you are looking for (albeit not automated/emailed but still visible) & then can be used to more easily place a Purchase Req/Order as outlined here (Adaco: Creating a Purchase Requisition from a Reorder Report

    Please do continue the conversation here by posting any further questions and the team will be happy to help.

    (also we really do encourage raising an idea on our Ideas Portal on this community (you'll need to sign in) to engage with other customers who may also want a PAR level ordering notification sent (whether below PAR or below reorder levels) - the product team certainly review voted items as a means to potentially influence our roadmap.




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