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Release Notes WFM: Detailed Shift List inc. Holiday Hours Export



  • Sarah Bellamy

    Can this export be updated to allow it to be ran over a longer date range? 

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Sarah Bellamy,

    Thanks for your question. We need to update this release note because I am reliably informed that the export can be run for 30 days and not 7 (as it incorrectly shows here). Apologies for any confusion caused.

    Due to the amount of data that the export pulls from the system, anything larger than 30 days would almost certainly cause the portal to time out when attempting to run it. Because of this we are not able to extend the date range, unfortunately.

    You/your organisation could request a one-off data extract for a wider date range via a support ticket (which may incur a charge). Alternatively, you could run multiple exports for different date ranges and join them together in Excel manually - if that is your desired outcome.

    Thanks again for your question, and we'll get the information in this release note updated as soon as possible.

    Best wishes,
    Fourth Communities Team


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