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ADACO - Recipe, Is there a training video on how to create recipes in Adaco?

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  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon Lisa Mohamed,

    Thank you for your query.


    At the current time, we do not have any training videos posted due to the bespoke nature of our customers' operations; I believe you were referencing our Article Purchasing & Inventory - Creating a Recipe but wanted to include for anyone else who comes across this post.


    Regarding your specific question, our recommended approach would be to:

    • Create a Cheese Platter "Portion/Service, etc." Recipe with a Portion Size of 1 Each & Prepared Quantity of the average number of Each (People) that a platter will be consumed by
    • The Ingredient within the Recipe would then be the cheese(s) with the LB quantities to fill the platter
    • This would give you the portion cost (Cost per Serving) of cheese consumed per person

    The same logic would be for the Soup but instead with GAL of soup as the Ingredient

    • Then you could create the Happy Hour Recipe similar to the above with both LB of Cheese & GAL of Soup to calculate the portion cost of both combined

    When creating a Recipe, Prepared Quantity & Portion Size need to be in the same Unit Family with conversions (e.g. Weight, Liquid Volume, Dry Volume, or Each) but the Ingredients can be a mix of all Unit families.


    Please let us know if you have any further questions around this topic.






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