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Holiday pay TD report..I have run a cust ...



  • Louise Wilson

    Hi @Natalija Cristea​ ,


    Thank you for your question. You can try running the 'Holiday Accrual Journal' in Payroll Module> Reports> Exports'.


    With this export you can balance holiday taken and not accrued, against holiday accrued and not taken.


    Is this the type of information that you are interested in?


    Many Thanks


    Louise Wilson



  • Natalija Cristea

    Hi Louise,

    I have run this report but it does not show the amount that was paid. I need a report that would show total paid or at least correct holiday hours. we have ''Payroll hours worked version 1'' report available however it cancels the days with the same daily rate .

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi @Natalija Cristea​ 


    You could run a custom report detailing payment type values paid, per pay period.


    The following article contains a section called Reporting on Different Payment Types.You could creat the same report, filter on the tax year and pay period and payment type once it runs into excel.



    Hope this helps!





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