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Making A Certification Required to Work a Shift



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    Kyle McIntosh

    Hi Jessica,

    You are able to set up certifications to Expire w/ Auto-inactivation that would prevent someone being scheduled if they do not have said certificate. I have listed an article below on the subject,

    HS - Setting Up Store Certifications (Blue UI) [open link in new tab]

    I also found an account for you at Splashway, where I see you have access to update these certification settings. If you run into any trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email for assistance.

    Best regards,




  • Jessica Kusak

    Is there a way to link it to Train?  Or do I have to set up each of our 310 individual employees?


    My manager entered the wrong expiration dates for certifications which in turn deactivated the staff. Is there a way to get the posted shift/schedule back or do we now have to manually enter all the shifts again?  The entire team was deactivated!!!!

  • Chris Sundgren

    Hi Karena, if the certification dates are updated, then the shifts that belonged to an employee should be auto assigned back (assuming no one picked up the shift). If that's not happening, please contact our support team to see if they can assist.


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