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Require Location for Selective Schedules

Not planned



  • Chris Sundgren

    Hi Dylan, 

    I think I found your company (City Winery) and if so, looks like each individual restaurant has their own locations they use (Settings, Nav, Store Settings). Scheduler does not require a location however if you use templates you can assign locations to the shifts within template generator. Also, if you copy a schedule from one week to the next, the location of the shift will also copy. We have no plans on our roadmap to require locations by schedule but I'll open up for votes to the broader HotSchedules community.

  • Hello Dylan Rocke,

    Thanks for your suggestion! We value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.  

    Your idea has been reviewed and is now currently marked as ‘OPEN FOR VOTING’. Our Product team regularly reviews ideas to understand which requests may complement our existing solutions and benefit all our customers. If we decide to take your idea forward, we will let you know by updating the status.
    In the meantime, for any other customers who support this idea, get voting!
    Many thanks,
    Fourth Communities Team


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