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Avergae Hours Inclusive of Holiday and Sickness



  • Sam Spencer

    Hi Chantel,

    I hope you are good!

    Average Hours worked can be found as a field within Custom Reports (HR > Reports > Customised Reports > Create Template > Report Group - Employee Details). In order to filter by location (Report Group - Employee Work Details), you should use the below Condition (=), which will allow you to filter by location:
    Alternatively, you could run the Employee Hours Worked Export found in the Rotas Module, which will allow you to filter by dates, however will not show the average hours worked but rather the total hours.
    I am attaching a knowledge article on how to run Custom Reports in both HR and Payroll:

    I hope this helps!

  • Chantal Chandler

    Hi Sam, 

    Thanks for coming back to me! Are you sure this includes holiday hours and sick hours as I have taken a look and I wasn't sure it did?



  • Nikita Birdsey

    Good morning, 

    Thank you for your reply. 


    The custom report should include all the hours that are on the rotas for the period of time this is ran for. So as long as there are hours for their sickness/holidays on the rota, this should feed through to the report. 


    If you have any further queries, please let us know.

  • Chantal Chandler

    Hi Nikita, 

    Thank you for coming back to me. 

    Please can I arrange a call to discuss as I have an example of a salaried employee who:

    • Average hours is clocking as 0
    • Rota this week : 52.5hrs
    • Rota > Reports > Exports > Hours Worked: 52.5hrs
    • Rota > Reports  > Exports > Detailed shift list including holiday hours: 52.5hrs

    Please can we arrange a call to discuss. 




  • Nikita Birdsey

    Hi Chantal, 


    Thank you for your message. 


    I have just sent you an email to arrange a call. 


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