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Holiday hours displaying as shifts


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  • Brenden Goodwin


    Thank you for your post.

    After reviewing the functionality of displaying holidays in shifts for salaried employees you have mentioned, we can confirm that this is not currently available or supported in HR.

    A salaried employee's holidays can be displayed in days or hours only. 

    We do have an area on the Customer Success Portal where all customers can post functionality ideas and vote on those they champion. Our product team use these ideas to help influence their development strategy.

    Whilst I know the system doesn’t currently have the specific functionality you enquired about, I do highly encourage you to post your idea on our Customer Success Portal in order for other customers to review and vote. You in turn can also vote on other ideas previously posted. The more ideas and votes we have the better our product team can design our product roadmap.

    Here is the direct link to the Customer Success Portal Ideas Page (you’ll need to log in to raise an idea and vote). There is a helpful ‘how to’ post pinned to the top of each Idea section to help you familiarise yourself with the ideas process.

    Brenden Goodwin | Tier 1 WFM Support Specialist
    EMEA Support Team | GMT/BST


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