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Automatic Printing of Receiving Worksheets



  • Richard Felsher

    Assuming our Adaco is set up the same way, you would need to go to the Report Center  When you type in Receiving, about a half dozen options will be visible to you. Receiving Document or Receiving Verify is probably what you are looking for.


  • Geoffrey Sagrans

    Thank you for the reply Richard.  The focus was on sending the Receiving Worksheet to the storeroom printer when the PO was created.  I did see that there is an option on the header (Print Receiving Document) to do this. 

  • Richard Felsher

    I see that as well.

    I'm looking around the system, this might be something that helps our end users at our facilities. Trying to reduce number of steps taken to do common tasks.


  • David Fournier

    Good morning Geoffrey Sagrans,

    Thank you for your query & Richard Felsher for your feedback.

    There is not currently an automated way to print all Receiving Documents when POs are created due to several factors, including but not limited to:

    • the variety of our customer layouts, e.g. single receiving office/dock vs. individual department receivings which do not have a default 'storeroom printer'-- due to this, most customers use the 'Print Receiving Document' button from the Purchasing Center as orders are created or after any edits are made prior to the expected delivery
    • increased usage of Adaco: Automatically Create and Transmit Purchase Orders functionality in which the system creates the PO
    • collaborative effort between Fourth & customers to "go paperless" with a focus on using the Adaco Mobile: Receiving App

    Please let us know if you have any further questions on this topic or as Richard alluded to, if this is something you feel would greatly benefit your operation, it can be raised to our Development Team & wider community here: Ideas: Adaco | Inventory | Hotels.





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