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Adaco Blanket Purchase Orders


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  • Pritesh Patel

    Hi Geoffrey Sagrans,

    Thanks for your question, 

    Adaco has 2 pieces of functionality that can be used in this scenario depending on the type of items, 

    If the items are Inventoried and Requisitioned around the property, you can use the Standing Order functionality which allows for you to specify the items from a specific Vendor that are pre-agreed to be delivered on certain days of the week, from which Adaco will then create the Purchase Orders for you so that you can then Receive them into your Inventory. Please note in order for Adaco to create the Purchase Orders from the Standing Order, a job will need to be enabled for you, which you can request from your Customer Success Manager, 

    The other option that can be used is if the items are not inventoried and/or Requisitioned around the property but instead services such as utility bills/maintenance work etc, where you may just receive an invoice from the Vendor without a PO, for this scenario you can use the Manual Invoice Entry function, 

    From your initial question as you've referenced Dairy items, we would recommend the Standing Order function as this will allow you to track the items being received so you can then inventory and requisition the items, 

    Hope this helps, 





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