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T&A Clock in settings



  • Simon Montalvo


    On the system, you can activate Automatic Breaks for Rotas users by navigating to Rotas > Administration > Configure Locations > Edit Rota Settings > Use Breaks In Rotas and configuring the break rules from this screen. For Scheduling / Labour Productivity users, you can enable Automatic Breaks through Settings > Manage Organisation > Enable Breaks By Department, and further configure it in Settings > Admin Configuration > Automatic Breaks.[…]Automatic-Breaks-by-Department-Dynamic-Breaks-Calculations

    For eClock users:
    Starting Breaks:
    1. Log in with your PIN and choose 'Take a break.'
    2. When prompted, click 'Continue' to return to your profile page and then select 'Cancel.'
    3. After choosing 'Continue,' you'll be marked as 'on break,' and the break will be recorded.
    Stopping Breaks:
    1. Log in again with your PIN.
    2. The 'On break' page will show the duration of your break.
    3. Click 'Stop break.'
    For Synel Users:

    Regarding the second part of your question - automatically adjusting clocking times, these are determined by the T&A thresholds. For Rotas users, you can find these thresholds in Rotas > Administration > Global Settings > T&A Thresholds, while for Scheduling / Labour Productivity users, they can be managed in Settings > Manage Organisation > T&A Earliness/Lateness Allowed to Match Original Time.
    Kind Regards
  • James Austen

    Hi Simon, I can see the threshold settings in Global Settings but when I press edit I can't see those fields to change. Could it be something to do with my access level?


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