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Update Data Sync Options



  • Kay Capell

    Good day Randall, 

    Property Administration settings were restricted as outlined in release notes found here.

    Unfortunately "inventory unit" is not a currently a field that can sync to a CP.  You can raise this as an "Idea" if you like within our Ideas section in the Community.


    Kay Capell

  • Randall Alonso

    The link is for an Alternative Property Administrator, is that correct?  Does that have to do with updated Data Sync settings? 

    I'd like to Always Sync: Barcodes, Alternative Description, PLU, SKU, Product Identifier, and Producer.

  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon Randall Alonso,

    Further to Kay's response regarding access to the menu itself which was a follow-on release note to this one: January 10th & 12th 2023, Release Note: Adaco: Restricted Access to Property Administration Settings, Data Sync settings are downward from CP not up to CP.

    Using Barcodes as an example, if the setting is toggled to 'Always Sync', there will be a warning that all property-defined barcodes will be removed (which may be none) and will then sync/push down any barcodes from CP.

    If you have set/associated a multitude of barcodes (or inventory units, alternative descriptions, PLUs, SKUs, etc.) at a particular property & wish to have them loaded into the CP for future property openings, this can be done via a data exercise by the Fourth data team-- you can inquire as to the scope/effort of such one-time exercises via your Fourth Customer Success/Care Manager.

    Note: If the data is loaded into the CP (specific to the date/time of the data exercise), it will flow downward when products are added to a new property but will not override existing data in other properties unless 1. that is included in the data exercise request or 2. the Data Synchronization settings at the other properties, with the caveat that all existing data in those fields would be removed &/or overwritten as outlined in the barcode example I provided.

    Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions on this topic.




  • Randall Alonso

    No follow up questions.  Thank you.


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