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Reviewers in Route List



  • David Fournier

    Hi Keiwana Eaton,

    Each user sets their personal preference as to whether they want to receive Push or Email Notifications as outlined here on the Communications tab:

    Adaco: User Preferences

    In terms of reviewing the requisitions, if the active action (e.g. Review, Approve, Final Approve) is with the user in question, they should see within the Fourth App Dashboard (as outlined in the above article for Tasks) & Requisition Center within core-Adaco. If the requisition has not yet made it to them & is still pending action by a previous user, they will not see them.

    In order for multiple users to see requisitions simultaneously, you can use Approval Groups as outlined here:

    Adaco: Approval Groups

    Please let us know if there are further questions regarding this functionality.

    If reviewing the current configuration & confirming the current status of requisitions does not resolve this for you, we can convert this post to a Technical Support Ticket where our Service Team can assist further.




  • Keiwana Eaton

    Thank you. For requisitions that are currently pending, will those requisitions have to be routed again? The Reviewer in question cannot see the requisition at all and they are the first Reviewer on the list, req #4843. 

  • Hi Keiwana Eaton,

    We will convert your most recent post into a support ticket due to it focusing on a specific user/requisition.

    Sorry not to get back to you sooner on this - it appears that your post was edited from its original version (which was not a follow-up question) and we did not get an email notification for it. In future it would be best to just create another comment, please. Thanks!

    Fourth Communities Team


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