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Waste of Recipe with no live receivings



  • Pritesh Patel

    Hi Rose Puett

    Thank you for your question, 

    When transferring recipes whether it be within a property or inter property, we do not send the raw ingredients, when we transfer a recipe we deduct the raw ingredients within the recipe at the supplying outlet/property and post the full recipe at the ordering outlet/property. We don't send ingredients to the ordering outlet/property. So for example if you are transferring an apple pie which is a recipe and in this recipe you have 2 apples (raw ingredient), we deduct 2 apples (raw ingredient), add 1 apple pie (recipe) to make the recipe at the supplying outlet/property. Then we deduct 1 apple pie recipe at the supplying outlet/property and add 1 apple pie recipe at the ordering outlet/property

    The value of the waste is included in the value of the recipe that is transferred.  For example if the apple pie uses 2kg of apples at $3 per kg with a yield of 75% then the cost of the apples for the pie would be 2 ÷ 0.75, which is 2.666 which @ $3 per kg gives a total cost of $8 which includes the wastage. So in the supplying outlet/property we would deduct $8 of apples, add $8 of pie and then move the $8 pie to the ordering outlet/property,

    Hope this helps,




  • Rose Puett


    Thank you for explaining that.  Here is our concern :  in the ordering property, there will be no ordering of the ingredients to make the Apple pie , therefore we are curious how the cost will be moved to waste. Will the cost of the pie stay at the supplying property's cost when it is wasted in the ordering property ?

    Consider there will be no other transactions on the ingredients or the pie themselves in this property. We are going to be treating the supplying store as a commissary kitchen in this way.  

    Let me know if you need additional clarification.


    Thank you   

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