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    Spencer Little (Edited )

    Good morning Sheldon,


    Thank you for reaching out. There are three statuses in Hotschedules:


    Active - This is the status most Employees will be in Hotschedules. All integrations will affect this user.They will show on the scheduler and be listed as "active" on the staff list.

    Inactive - The employee is removed from the integration and will stay on the site. They are moved to the "inactive" list on the staff page and they will not show on the scheduler or be counted in reports. 

    Terminated - This will remove the user from the Hotschedules site. Generally, this status should never be selected in Hotschedules for Integrated sites. The terminated status should come from the POS.


    Without knowing the details, it sounds like you may be setting the employee to "Terminated" and then the integration with the POS system brings the employee back as active on the next sync. I suggest moving the employee over to "inactive" in the staff tab. Once an employee is inactive, their status should not change until another manager updates it to either Active or Terminated.

    If this is not the case, and you are setting them to inactive and their status is changing with each sync, then please open a ticket with our Customer Care team. We would need to know your location and employee name that was updated and we will take a closer look.


    Thank you, 


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