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    Nelson Walker (Edited )

    More information on my request:

    We were using GetSchedulesV3 and the API documentation didn’t mention if it included schedules that were saved but not posted.  So we wanted to try GetShiftsV3 to see if there was a difference in the data.  We found there was a difference, but we ran some experiments with the eight possible combinations of the three flags and couldn’t figure out what the data meant.  We are looking for schedules that are saved and (posted or not posted). 

    Here are my experiment counts:


    IsHouse, IsScheduled, IsPosted

    Dates 10/02-10/08



    2982       Baseline GetSchedules

    1037       FFF

    1371       FFT

    25           FTF

    2982       FTT  - same count as GetSchedules

    0              TFF

    1              TFT

    0              TTF

    54           TTT

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    Brandon Buettner

    Hello Nelson,

    The flags you mentioned (isHouse, isScheduled, isPosted) do not exist in getScheduleV3. These are only available in getShiftsV3, so there is no logic or interactions in your first call.

    I believe the following documentation should provide what you are looking for:

    If you have any further questions it may be best to send an email to support@hotschedules.com so we can create a case for you.

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