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HS: Link Google Calendar

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  • Sherri Crigger

    Two other questions:

    **Are you able to choose which calendar on your Google account you would like to sync to?  I have multiple calendars on my Google account.


    **Can you sync more than one HS account to the same Google account without one overriding the other? For example, syncing both my work schedule and my son's work schedule to the same family Google account?


    Thanks so much!

  • Matthew McKay

    Hello Sherri,

    Thank you for reaching out to us here. Unfortunately, I do not have solid answers to these questions for you at this time - that being said, these are great inquiries and I would love to get these into the hands of our team for additional investigation. Please send an email with these inquiries to our support team at Once in our ticketing system, we can get these questions the full investigation and answers that they deserve.


  • Michael Wagner

    Did you ever learn anything here?  Would be nice to know if you can change which Google Calendar gets the events, or possibly even allow syncing to multiple calendars for sharing purposes.


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