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    Stephanie Yoo

    Hey Julian,


    Thanks for reaching out to Customer Care!

    What questions did you have regarding your schedule?

    If it is easier for you, you can reach us directly by email at or by phone at 866-753-3853.


    Have a great day!




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    Stephanie Jefferson

    How do I access my work schedule? 


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    Kody Hurst

    Hello Stephanie,


    There are a few different ways to access your schedule.


    1. Navigate to and enter your username and password.

    2. Entering your username and password on the HotSchedules mobile app.

    3. Contact us by phone at 866-753-3853. Follow the prompts by the automated system or choose to speak with a representative and we will assist you over the phone.


    Let us know if you have any additional questions. 




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    Gregory Bell

    I can't get to my work schedule

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    Amanda Marie Ariza

    What's my employee I'd number? The one I use to clock in?

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    Chris McKay

     Hello Amanda,


    Thanks for reaching out! Your Employee ID # should be: 340405. Please let me know if that doesn't work and I can get a ticket started for you.



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