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Hot schedule can not find my username or email


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  • Official comment
    Kane Mobley

    Good afternoon Alejandra,


    Customer Care here, just a quick question:

    What restaurant are you currently employed with?

  • Alejandra Barrera

    Busboys 5th & k

  • Kane Mobley

    Good afternoon Alejandra,


    Im currently listing your account as "Inactive".

    This is why you cannot access your account.

    You will need to reach out to your management team and have them Re-Activate you in the "Staff Tab".

    If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns please reply here or drop us a line in Customer Care.


    Best regards,

  • Edgar pineda

    I forgot my password to login in ,what i have to do ?

  • Leslie Martinez Sanchez

    Hi Edgar,


    Please call or email our Customer Care team to get help logging in if you are still having issues. You can also ask your manager to reset your password for you.


    Our phone number is 866-753-3853 and our email is


    Thank you! 


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