As part of Fourth’s continual improvements, we are upgrading the Integration between Synel Time & Attendance hardware and the Fourth Solution. This group provides information on the new integration, advice for installations, and an area to post questions.

Welcome to the Synel SY785 Integration Migration group! Pinned
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How can a corporate network support reconfigured SY785 devices
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What are the costs for Synergy Connect Middleware
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What options are available?
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How long will reconfigured SY-785 devices be supported for?
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What is the timeframe for the SY-785 Upgrade Project?
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Why do we need to change the existing hardware?
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What are the options to upgrade to newer devices?
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How Much Does it Cost to Reconfigure Existing SY-785 Devices?
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Network Requirements for SY-785 Reconfiguration
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