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Headcount on a specific date



  • Rebecca Smith

    Sarah Bellamy

    Did you find the best report for this?

    We're here again needing the snapshot and cant use MAT, but not finding another. Appreciate if you did get another route to try.


  • Joshua Phillips

    There is no specific report which allows you to do this by date range. However, if you create a customised report which returns the start dates and termination dates of employees, you can filter by date range on Excel. To find this feel free to follow the below path:
    HR > Reports > Customised reports > Create template > Enter description > Employee details report > Under employee details group select required fields e.g. Forename, Surname etc. > Under employee work details select required fields and Start date > Under termination details group select termination date > Save > Run report. 

    If you use Fourth Analytics this has a built-in report in the HR Tab which you can get the information.


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