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Average daily hours


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  • Oliver Proctor

    Hi Jane Chilman

    On 25th July, 2022 the Supreme Court ruled that the only lawful way to calculate holiday for Variable Hours (or Zero hours) workers is to use the Weekly Calendar Method of calculating holiday allowance.  Employees that are assigned to the Flexible Employment Status will automatically have their holiday calculated in this way.  Details of how the calculation works can be found here.

    You may have some employees assigned the Casual employment type.  Employees attached to this employment status have their holiday pay calculated on the 12.07% method, which has now been ruled unlawful.

    To find out which Employment Type your employees have, you can use the custom reporting function in the HR Module by selecting Contract within the Employment details section.

    The following article goes into greater detail surrounding changing employees from Casual to Flexible, and also the best practices when reviewing holiday calculations: 


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