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What are the costs for Synergy Connect Middleware


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    Ben Oliver

    Synergy Connect Middleware is the mechanism that the newer Synergy/A and SY910 Facial devices use to connect to Fourth's solutions. If you currently have one or more Synergy/A or SY910 Facial Devices somewhere in your estate you will already have contracted for Synergy Connect Middleware - the question is whether you will need to increase the capacity of your middleware to include your SY-785 devices.


    Middleware is contracted in three bands according to how many devices will be connected:

    • 1-5 Devices 
    • 6-15 Devices
    • 16 or more Devices

    If you currently have 4 devices attached to your Connect middleware and would like to reconfigure one SY785 to be attached there would be no additional recurring cost as this would move the number of connected devices from 4 to 5 and stay within your banding. 

    If you currently have 12 Synergy/A or SY910 Facial devices attached to your middleware but also have 5 SY-785 devices then you will need to increase your banding to the third tier as you will end up with 17 devices attached and need to move from the 6-15 band to the 16+ band. Your Customer Care representative can discuss the individual costs of each of the bandings.

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