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How long will reconfigured SY-785 devices be supported for?



  • Official comment
    Ben Oliver

    We already know that the SY-785 devices will be end-of-life at the end of 2023. That means that, even though they will still work without issue, we won't be able to support them as we will no longer have replacement parts.

    If you would like more information about upgrading to the newer Synergy/A or SY-910 Facial devices you can check the information here

  • Consensus Payroll


    Will all SY785 machines have to be upgraded by end of 2023, or is this only as and when they breakdown?

    Thank you


  • Ben Oliver

    Hi Consensus Payroll

    We are guaranteeing to be able to repair SY785 devices until the end of 2023. From January 1st 2024 we will not be able to offer this guarantee but there is no timeline by which you must upgrade your devices.

    What that means is that your devices may continue to work well past 2024 but if they breakdown we may not be able to repair and you will have no alternative but to purchase a new device.

    We are offering a buy-back discount off the cost of a new device if you upgrade before March 2023. beyond that time there won't be a discounted price.

  • Consensus Payroll

    Thank you and are you guaranteeing the repairs to end of 2023?

    If we have any SY785 by the end of 2024 will they have to be upgraded to the new machines?

    Kind regards



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