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What are the options to upgrade to newer devices?



  • Official comment
    Ben Oliver

    Hi Milan,

    Follow the guidance on this article to place your order. Make sure to check the box 'Replacement Device' and add a note in the additional comments that this is an upgrade for an existing SY785 device so that we can make sure you get the correct discount.

    Thanks so much,

  • Ben Oliver

    If you are thinking about upgrading your existing SY-785/780 devices to one of the newer biometric devices please visit this overview for details of both.

  • Milan Horvath

    Hi Ben,

    How do I get about placing an order?



  • Sultan Gori

    Dear Ben-Oliver, I hope you are well and still remember this ex-colleague. We want to upgrade to SY910 Synergy Face. Please can you send the quote pro-forma invoice so I can raise a purchase order at the earliest. Thank you.

  • Ben Oliver

    Hi Sultan Gori how lovely to hear from you :-)

    The migration team, and this community group, can only share list prices with you, please speak to your Customer Care representative to begin the upgrading process,

    Thanks so much,


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