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How Much Does it Cost to Reconfigure Existing SY-785 Devices?



  • Official comment
    Ben Oliver

    If you would like to have your existing devices reconifgured they will need to be attended by one of our engineers. 

    The call out for this visit is being offered at a discounted rate of £150.00 (usually £230.00 or £275.50). If you have additional devices in the same location each subsequent device will incur an additional £30.

    If you only have SY-785 Devices you will need to contract for Synergy Connect Middleware which costs between £25 and £50 per month depending on the number of devices in your estate. More information about that can be found here.

    If you already have newer Synergy/A or SY-910 Facial Devices in your estate you will already be using Synergy Connect Middleware, depending on your level of coverage there may be an increase in your monthly costs but you should discuss that with your Customer Care Representative.

  • James Austen

    Hi Benjamin. How do we go about requesting an engineer visit to reconfigure a device? Just log a call with Thanks. James

  • Ben Oliver

    Hi James,

    You will need to speak to your Customer Care contact, either or your named CSM if you have one, who will talk you through the costs and, once agreed, raise the request for the engineers on your behalf.


    I hope that helps,


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