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Pack and sub-pack pricing for a product


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  • Roshan Patidar
    Hi Jillian Hillegass,
    Thank you for your question 
    There are generally two approaches for handling this scenario:

    1.Set up multiple details for a Product, e.g. 123-1 as Case, 123-2 as Each so the base Adaco number 123 is consistent & the user is given the option to order by Case or Each. The vendor can then also provide their pricing in either unit either using a unique VPN or by the 'Use Purchase Unit' flag against the Vendor profile with their units mapped to Adaco units.

    The main caveat to this approach is that while the base Adaco number is 123, technically 123-1 & 123-2 are two different records; they will deplete from recipes based on the unit which has quantity-on-hand but the physical inventory will be maintained separately for issuing & counting.
    2.Use the lowest common unit, e.g. Each as the purchase unit then order in quantities of the Case units when you would like a full case & receive at the discounted total price.
    The main caveats to this approach are that only one unit's pricing is maintained & end-users are held more responsible for ordering the correct quantities.
    Whilst option 2 is generally the approach for ordering Liquor & Wine products, option 1 is more often the approach taken overall by customers to manage purchasing, receiving, issuing, & inventory counts most accurately. Option 1 also is clearer to the end users when placing the orders, requisitions/transfers.
    Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions on this topic.

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