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Main Employments and Multiple Employements rates

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  • Simon Montalvo

    There is no report on the Tronc module which will provide tronc rates per employee, however tronc rates can be exported to excel by running a Custom Report on HR:

    HR > Reports > Customised Reports > Create New > Report Group - Employee Details > Select Applicable Fields > Run Report

    The option for Tronc Rate should ticked as well as any other filters required such as Forename, Surname or Location.

  • Sara Mancebo

    Thanks but this will not work for the employees that are multiple employee 

    This will just show main job titles - is there any way to run a report to showed up Tronc rate for all the job titles and employees at the same time?

    Hope this not take another 8 months to be replied..


  • Simon Montalvo

    Hi Sara,

    Tronc rates will only show against employee's main employments when running Customised Reports, however I do believe that adding ME tronc rates to reports would be a great idea to raise on our ideas page!

    Ideas on this page can be voted for future development by other users, including yourself. Please see link below to create your idea.

  • Sara Mancebo

    Hey Simone - this has been done several times already the last one i think on July... 

    it is a bit ridiculous that we need to wait for other companies to have the same necessities so you can develop a report? although we all work on Hospitality we don't necessarily have the same needs ...


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