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June 16th 2022, Release Note: WFM UK | Payroll: Student & Post Graduate Loan refunds through Payroll, National Insurance Primary Threshold Changes

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  • Saroj Virdee

    Hello Paul, can you please let me know if Fourth calculations are automatically calculated at the new NI threshold rate that is effective from 6th July. Many thanks Saroj Virdee.


  • Hi Saroj Virdee,

    Yes that is correct. Worded slightly differently in the release note but you can take this as confirmation.
    The threshold updates will happen automatically for all payments made to employees on or after 6th July 2022.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thoreodor Staletto

    Happy to read it. As a student must say that's a great opportunity. I worked part-time (but still a lot) to earn some money for my well-being. I even used some sites such as this one to get help with some of my tasks. But now it will be much easier with these changes.


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