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Include holidays carried over in holiday accrual



  • Hi Angelo Verri,

    We are going to take this and repost it in our Workforce Management 'Ideas' group. We'll tag you in it and you can follow its progress from there.

    With best wishes,

    Fourth Communities Team

  • Lynn Crawford

    Did this 'idea' get taken any further.  This is causing us problems for last year where we can't now see how many holidays were carried forward last year as the information no longer shows on the holiday page.  Is there a way to get a report for holiday carried forward figures for last year.  I can do this year's.  Thanks

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Lynn Crawford,

    This Idea had been put forward by more than one customer and we are using this one to track its popularity. Please vote for it (use the up arrow to the right side of the original post) and feel free to encourage any colleagues to do the same. The Idea is still open for consideration and the more votes it receives, the better chance it has of being taken forward.

    We'll get back to you as soon as possible with regard to your reporting question.

    Best wishes,

    Fourth Communities Team


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