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What are the security levels when logging into Mobile Engage platform



  • Nicola Shelbourn

    Wendy Hinshelwood  apologies Wendy I've found you please see above

  • Billy Waters

    Hi Nic, Wendy and Emma,


    When a user logs into the app with a username and password, they are asked if they would like to set a PIN number that they would then need to enter each time they opened the app - it is the users choice to set the PIN and it cant be mandated.

    When accessing via a browser, users are logged out after a period of 60 mins of inactivity. On the App on a mobile, they are not logged out - as with many other apps.

    There is not a secondary login for HR/Payroll but only users that have the permission to access this module via the app will see the link to it.


    Many thanks




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