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old PO's - adaco housekeeping



  • Jessica Sanderson

    Dear Elaine Reilly,

    Thank you for your message.

    The main difference between purging and closing a PO is that if you purge a PO it will be permanently deleted from the system, as you are trying to tidy up the system we would suggest you use the close PO option.

    Here is a link to the article to help you do this:

    Adaco: Using the Close Purchase Order Function – Fourth & HotSchedules Customer Success Portal

    Please do let me know if you have any further questions


  • Elaine Reilly

    Thanks Jessica


    It will be used for 'housekeeping' tidying up old PO's.

    Do you know what happens to po's closed this way. the article says that once closed then the po cannot be opened again. but if the po is part received can you still access / view the received part?

    If you search for a PO which has been closed does it show on search po function if you choose inc auto closed, and if it does how does it appear on the list - closed?  are you able to click into and view the closed po

  • Jessica Sanderson

    Hi Elaine Reilly,

    The article is slightly out of date and the developers have recently added functionality that allows you to re-open a closed PO.  The article will be updated soon.

    Any part of the PO that has already been received will be available to view in Receiving Corrections.  

    The closed PO's will appear under closed on the order status search box in the PO screen and you are able to click on the PO to see the detail of the PO.

    I hope this helps




  • Elaine Reilly

    Hi Jessica,


    Brilliant - thanks for the information



  • Richard Felsher

    If they can open a closed PO, how does it effect the Receiving or a posted receiving that has been extracted for payment. And is there an audit trail to see if someone is opening up closed PO's?

    Just thinking this seems like a way for a user to manipulate invoices and inventory.

  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon Richard Felsher,

    Thank you for your follow-up questions.

    Re-opening a Closed PO does not affect Receivings/Corrections or Invoices applied/exported-- it only restores the Order itself to the same status it was previously, e.g. Partial, Transmitted/Untransmitted, Cancelled.

    Further details are in the Release Note here: Release Notes: Adaco 4_6_83

    There is a specific Access Right which controls this function: Re-Open Purchase Orders as outlined here: Adaco: Changing Purchasing Access Rights in User Groups (defaulted to false/unchecked as per the above Release Note).

    The audit trail is shown on the Adaco: Order Audit Report which was also deployed as per the above Release Note.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions about this functionality.




  • Richard Felsher

    Thank you.

    I never used that report before. It looks like a useful tool.


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