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Queens Jubilee 2022 - Additional Bank Holiday



  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi @...,

    We are working on producing guidance for this soon! Once it becomes available we will update you! 

    Kind regards,
    Fourth Communities Team

  • Alison Barlow

    @... Please see this recently published article for more information

    Kind Regards

  • Valerie Ellis

    Thank you , much appreciated :) 

  • Marion Bauckham

    so just to clarify we need to update the holidays ourselves please?


  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Marion Bauckham,

    Please refer to this guidance for further information > WFM UK: Queen's Jubilee Additional Bank Holiday.

    Kind regards,
    Fourth Communities Team

  • Jenny Wieland

    Hi Fourth Team

    I have changed the Global Setting to 29 days and 5.8 flexible entitlement as instructed in the article. This has not changed the allowance for my team.

    Do I have to change the holiday allowance in every single job title setting?



  • Thomas Healey

    Hi Jenny,

    I hope you are well.

    Please can you confirm if you are referring to the allowance of the Full Time/Part Time staff or the Flexible staff? Or Both?

    They are treated slightly differently in terms of maximum allowance, but it will be likely that if you have opted for the second of the two options, you will need to amend the Job Titles as well:


    1. Use the 'carry over' holiday functionality to add an extra day for each employee
    2. Amend the allowed weeks within the Global Setting and/or the Job Title settings


    Either way, if you could get back to me regarding which employment status' you require assistance with I will be happy to guide you further.

    Many thanks in advance!


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