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  • Leslie Grogan

    Hi Jessica Jones

    In Fourth's Recipe and Menu Engineering application, where the master data is sourced for Inventory, there is already a global setting that makes 'ingredient weight' mandatory.  

    If this setting is enabled, a recipe's 'raw weight' and 'cooked weight' can be automatically calculated from the recipe ingredient values.  Even when the recipe ingredient is used in a 'non-weight UoM', the auto-calculation can be completed if the ingredient has a weight UoM as part of its 'supply quantity' values; the weight UoM can be associated with either the first supply quantity or one of the conversions.

    An additional benefit of using this setting is that if a recipe ingredient has both a 'weight UoM' and 'nutrition per 100 g', the recipe's nutrition value can auto-calculate, too.  Recipe nutrition will be calculated for both 'nutrition per 100 g' and 'nutrition per serving'.  Please note that for an accurate 'nutrition per serving' value, the recipe's 'servings' number must be accurate.

    If you'd like the above global setting enabled for your organisation, please contact Fourth's Support team who can arrange this.

    Once you've had a chance to consider the above, please let us know if this suggestion might work for your organisation.  Thanks for the post.




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