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Removing old holidays from Managers' home page



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    Wasima Rahman

    Removing holidays:

    HR > Holidays and absences > Employee Holidays > Search employee by surname, define the dates and Holiday status as required > search.

    This will bring up a list of all the holidays for that employee, you can then click on a particular date. On the Edit Holiday request screen, you can change the status to "removed" and then save to remove the holiday. 

  • Tina Plewes

    Hello Elsa, I think we used to work at Pret at the same time! But in PizzaExpress this would be very useful so I second your idea and will get my colleagues to vote too. 

  • Sarah Liggett

    Yes please, this is so needed.


  • Sarah Lenzi

    It's important for managers to not have irrelevant information on their home page. They are not able to authorise previous years holidays anyway.

  • Sylwia Szymanska

    I agree with Sarah Liggett and S Lenzi. This is something what managers should be able to do.

  • Kate Ross

    We would also like to be able to remove historic unauthorised holidays

  • Tina Plewes

    Wasima Rahman and Caroline Bethell ok thank you.  However, we have over 10,000 employees so asking GMs to do it employee-by-employee might not be possible. Is there a way of doing it in bulk?

  • Oliver Proctor

    Hi all and Tina Plewes,

    I'm afraid this is currently not a feature in the system, I would recommend raising an ideas request to implement this kind of functionality.




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