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Approving Purchase Requisitions from the Mobile App




  • Official comment
    Chris Webb

    Hi Clovis,

    There are two ways to approve requisitions in a mobile device:

    1. For customers that don't use our "Fourth App" the user would receive an email notifying them that there is a requisition that needs their approval.  Within that email there is a link to a mobile optimised approval page.  So if they click on the link from their mobile device they can then see, reject or approve the requisition.  There is an option in Adaco > Administration > Property Preferences > Requisitions which needs to be ticked to have this link in the email.

    2. For customers that use our mobile "Fourth App"  the approvers can select the options below in Edit > Preferences > Communication in Adaco and then instead of an email they will receive a push notification directly to the Fourth App on their mobile phone.  They will also see a task in their mobile dashboard which will allow them to view the requisitions, accept or reject it

  • Clovis Drummond

    Our approvers receive the notifications on pending approvals but are unable to approve from their mobile device.

  • Clovis Drummond

    Hi Christopher,

    This is not working for us. No approval notification shows up on our dashboards. Would that have anything to do with our settings? Please take a look at all our settings and let me know if anything is incorrect.


  • Chris Webb

    Hi Clovis,

    Can you ask your approval users to check that they have the options below selected?  These options are not something that we can check or set as receiving tasks for approvals is a user specific setting. (if you don't use approval routing for invoices you can ignore those options and just select the ones relating to requisitions).

    If your approval users confirm that they have the settings below set and still don't receive approval tasks then please raise a ticket with our support team with details of a specific user and requisition where there is no task appearing.  Please note that when testing tasks this it can take up to a minute to appear in the dashboard so please wait a minute after a requisition has been sent for approval before checking.

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Clovis Drummond,

    If the above response does not answer your query please let us know and we will raise a support ticket for this. 

    Kind regards,
    Fourth & HotSchedules


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