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Auto Save Function for Menu Cycles (Sodexo)


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  • Leslie Grogan

    Hi Nikki

    We recently made it easier to 'extend the user session' in Menu Cycles.

    After 20 minutes of 'inactivity', a 'five-minutes left' warning message is displayed to the user.  The user can extend their session by clicking on the warning message.  Every time the warning appears, clicking on it extends the session by 15 minutes.

    If the user does nothing after the warning message appears, the session will end after five minutes.

    If the user resumes activity such as 'save planning' or selecting the tabs at the top of the screen, the session continues for an additional 25 minutes.

    In regard to 'auto-save', every time planning is saved, an update is triggered to POS.  Before adding an 'auto-save' function, we would need to understand the impact on the point of sale system and whether or not auto-save would generate too many updates for POS to comfortably handle.

    Best regards


    Leslie Grogan

    Product Owner, Recipe and Menu Engineering and Menu Cycles


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