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Possible for customer to bulk download payslip history


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  • Daniel Corbett

    Hi Karen,

    Hope you are well. 

    Those payslip reports in the payroll module work with pay basis which use "paper" as its payslip delivery method. The employees payslips would need to be downloaded separately from their payroll record in the portal and send it to them If the user no longer has access to ESS after the 90 days leavers access using the below path:

    Payroll > employees > employee list > search and select employee > employee payroll info > past payslips > select pdf option against needed payslip > select save option

    In the ESS my payslips area, the user should be able to see the different tabs with dates for each payslip. For example - employee paid at the end of each month so should see a tab showing as e.g. 31 may

    Kind regards,



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