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Best Practice to Audit Proof of Eligibility


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    Lucy Cunningham

    Hi Sophie Harrop

    Thank you for your question.

    We recommend reviewing proof of eligibility regularly to ensure you are compliant, there are reports and alerts that can help with this.

    Firstly, the proof of eligibility options should be checked, and updated if needed, to make sure the relevant information is captured as employees are created, this includes whether a passport number is required, or a work permit or student visa. Creating and Assigning Proof of Eligibility

    A HR customised report can be created to show employees’ nationality and proof of eligibility, as well as other details such as passport expiry date, work permit and student visa expiry. HR > Reports > Customised Reports > Create Template > Enter Template Name, select Report Type and enter Template Description > save > select fields to return.

    A HR customised report can also be created for documents, to show the files that have been uploaded for employees under which document type, as well has the date it was uploaded and by whom. In each employee’s record when a document is uploaded, there is a field in which to enter notes, this field can also be included in the report so can be used to record relevant details about the file that can be viewed and filtered in a report rather than needing to individually open each document.

    In addition to the reporting, a Reminder can be created to notify of upcoming work permit and student visa expiry, which can help to remind Managers to check and update employee details. HR > Audit & Alerts > Reminder Set Up > Create A New Template > Enter description and select frequency > select users or job titles to receive the reminder > select events to be included > save. 

    I hope this helps.




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