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  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon Jayne Taylor,

    Thank you for your query.

    We recommend that if the nutritional values change, either by natural effects or by adding additional ingredients when preparing, that subrecipes be created to clearly identify raw product usage vs. cooked ingredient usage.

    Using the apple example, there would be 2 subrecipes:

    • Apple Granny Smith (Cooked without sugar), containing only the raw product
    • Apple Granny Smith (Cooked with sugar), containing both the raw product & sugar

    If the nutritional composition of the cooked subrecipe is distinctly different from the raw products, then on the 'Advanced' tab of the recipe, the 'Subrecipe: Nutrition Number' field can be used to override the raw product calculations when that recipe is used as a subrecipe as noted here:

    Adaco: Creating a Recipe

    If the nutritional composition of the cooked ingredient does not vary outside of the accepted tolerance and no additional ingredients are added, then in the above example, the first subrecipe would not be necessary; the raw apple product could simply remain as an ingredient in other recipes with cooking notes in the 'Method' section of the 'Instructions' tab.

    Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions regarding this topic.






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