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Headcount snapshot


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  • Irina Papayiannis

    Hi Xenia,

    The best way to view the required information is to create a custom report. In order to do this you will need to go to HR > Reports > Customised Reports > Create Template. Under Employee Details report group you would choose Forename and Surname as fields. Under Employee Work Details report group you would choose as fields: Start date, Is Payroll Employee, Salary, Pay Type, Hourly/shift amount, Contracted hours. Under Termination Details report group you would choose the Termination Date field. Select Run Report.

    Once the report is ran, you would need to filter on the Start Date and Termination Date columns to display all employees that were attached to payroll on the specific date you need.

    Please note that the Contracted Hours and Salary/Hourly/Shift rate will be the values available in the solution at the time you are running the report. If these values were updated since the past date required that information will not be available.

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you,

    Irina Rotariu




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