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Absence or lateness to add on a shift



  • Stevey Scott

    Hi Cristina Ursu

    When you look at the T&A report in Labour Productivity, you can see the original shift that the employee was scheduled to work plus the times that they clocked in/out and the actual times that they're being paid for, this way you can see at a glance if the employee is clocking in at the time they were scheduled to be in.

    If an absence has been created in the employee's HR file, that will override the forecasted shift on the schedule page but will still show it in the forecast column in the T&A report.

    If it is one of your sites that is not currently using a time and attendance device then the manager could create a comment in the employee HR file for lateness as you can pull a comment report in HR.

    I hope this helps.


    Stevey Scott - Fourth

  • Cristina Ursu

    Hello Stevey, thank you for you response and hope you are doing well. I didn't know you are the one picking up these tickets. We miss you :). 

    That's very helpful, we didn't know. Which report do you referring to when you mention the T&A report in Labour Productivity?

    Many thanks,


  • Daniel Corbett

    Hi Cristina,

    Hope you are well and I apologize for the delay in us getting back to you. 

    The path to that report Stevey mentioned will be : Labour productivity module > reports > T&A report

    From there you can choose the relevant location, day/week to see the forecast/actual shifts and T&A information for the employees.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

    Daniel  - Fourth


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